List Of Zimbabwe Newspapers & News Media

A list of Zimbabwe newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Zimbabwe is one of the developing countries that is located in Southeast Africa. The landlocked country is known for Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba, and natural wildlife.

Top Zimbabwe Newspapers

Here are the top Zimbabwe newspapers in the English language given below.


Herald is one of the oldest Zimbabwe newspapers in the English language that has several sister newspapers The Chronicle, The Sunday Mail, & Sunday News.


With the tag of everyday news for everyday people, NewsDay is a tabloid formatted English-language newspaper that started its journey in 2010.

Daily News

With the motto of telling it like it is, Daily News is one of the most popular Zimbabwe newspapers in the broadsheet format since 1999.

Financial Gazette

Financial Gazette is a weekly newspaper with the slogan of Southern Africa’s leading business newspaper that is mainly focused on business news.

Sunday Mail

Sunday Mail is a weekly leading newspaper that is owned by the government and also available online for national and international readers.


Kwayedzad is a weekly newspaper in Zimbabwe newspapers in the Shona language that is owned by the Zimbabwe government.

Sunday News

Sunday News delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions to the Zimbabwean people.


Zimbabwean is a private newspaper among African newspapers in the English language that is distributed weekly in Harare since 2005.


B-Metro is a weekly tabloid formatted daily newspaper that reports on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.

Southern Eye

Southern Eye is a widely known daily newspaper in the English language that is circulated in Harare, Zimbabwe & founded in 2013.

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Zimbabwe News Online

There are local and regional newspapers in Zimbabwe that serve the whole nation daily.

  • Masvingo Mirror – Masvingo Mirror is a local newspaper among Zimbabwe newspapers in the English language.
  • Chronicle – Chronicle covers Zimbabwe news now, Zimbabwe news 24, country news, and international news.
  • H Metro‎ – H Metro is an English-language news site that delivers Zimbabwe news24, Harare news, and African news.
  • Patriot – Patriot is a national newspaper that covers political news, city news, world news, and African news.
  • Tell Zim – Tell Zim is an English-language newspaper that contains national news, community news, and recent updates.
  • Business Daily – Business Daily contains commercial news and financial news in the English language in Zimbabwe.
  • iHarare – iHarare is a Harare-based online newspaper that reports news local news, regional news, and recent news.
  • Zimbabwe Situation – Zimbabwe Situation is a Zimbabwean newspaper that reports news on health, technology, education, and society.
  • TheZimbabweNewsLive – TheZimbabweNewsLive broadcasts Zimbabwean news, African news, international news, and cultural programs.
  • Zim Eye – Zim Eye is an English-language news media that serves the latest news and trending news.
  • Bulawayo24 – Bulawayo24 is an online news media that casts headlines, trending news, and breaking news of Zimbabwe.
  • Zimbabwe Mail – Zimbabwe Mail is a common local newspaper in the English language for the Zimbabwean people.
  • SW Radio Africa – Zimbabwe News – SW Radio Africa-Zimbabwe News is a major radio channel that casts country news, entertainment shows, and more.
  • Zimbabwe Star – Zimbabwe Star is a popular news media that contains community news, cultural news, and events.
  • ZBC News – ZBC News is an English-language daily newspaper among Zimbabwe newspapers.
  • Voice of the People – Voice of the People provides Zimbabwe news 24, Harare news, and African news.
  • Harare Post – Harare Post publishes world news, city news, national news, and Zimbabwe daily news.
  • Business Weekly – Business Weekly is a business newspaper that is published weekly in Zimbabwe.
  • Sun – Sun delivers political news, sports news, the latest news, and breaking news about Zimbabwe.
  • Insider‎ – Insider provides Zimbabwean news 24, Zimbabwe news now, and country news in the English language.
  • Zim News – Zim News is a Zimbabwean newspaper that is available online for engaging global readers.
  • Sport Brief – Sport Brief is a sports newspaper that provides football news, cricket news, and league sports news.

Hence, Zimbabwe newspapers try to spread the latest news of the country 24/7 to the Zimbabwean people.

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