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A list of Namibia newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Namibia, The Republic of Namibia is one of the developing African countries in the world. The fascinating country globally is known as the Gem of Africa.

All Namibia Newspapers

Here are the leading Namibia newspapers in the English and Oshiwambo languages.


Namibian is one of the largest Namibia newspapers in the English and Oshiwambo languages. The daily was founded in 1985 by the Free Press of Namibia.

New Era

New Era is a major national newspaper in English and multiple indigenous languages. The daily newspaper is owned by the government of Namibia.

Allgemeine Zeitung (AZ)

Allgemeine Zeitung is one of the oldest Namibia newspapers in the German language. The daily newspaper started its journey in 1916 by Namibia Media Holdings.

Die Republikein

Die Republikein is one of the largest Namibia newspapers in the Afrikaans language. The daily has sisters newspapers such as Namibian Sun and Allgemeine Zeitung.

Namibia Economist

Namibia Economist is a business focused newspaper in the English language in Namibia. The newspaper publishes financial and commercial news regularly.

Namibian Sun

Namibian Sun is a leading tabloid formatted daily newspaper in Namibia. The newspaper provides Namibian news in the English and Oshiwambo languages.


Informante is a renowned regional newspaper based in Windhoek, Namibia. The English language daily delivers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.

Windhoek Observer

Windhoek Observer is an English-language newspaper that is distributed once a week. The daily newspaper is owned by Windhoek Observer Ltd in Namibia.

Caprivi Vision

Caprivi Vision is a well-known local newspaper in the English and Lozi languages. The community newspaper is published weekly in Zambezi, Namibia.

Namib Times

Namib Times is a regional newspaper that is distributed in the Erongo Region, Namibia people in the English and Afrikaans languages.

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Namibian Daily News

Though English is the official language of Namibia most commonly people speak the Oshiwambo language in the country.

  • Southern Times – Southern Times is a local newspaper in Namibia that is focused on the Southern part of Namibia.
  • Villager – Villager is a community newspaper in Namibia that delivers Namibian news live, community news, national news, and international news.
  • Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA) – Namibia Press Agency is a national news agency that casts Namibia’s daily news, and the latest updates on Namibia.
  • Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) – Namibian Broadcasting Corporation is a news media that publishes country news, cultural programs, and events.
  • Kanaal 7 – Kanaal 7 is a news media in Namibia newspapers online that provides world news, community news, and entertainment shows.
  • Radiowave – Radiowave is a radio channel in Namibia that features Namibia news live, Namibia news 24 to the Namibian people.
  • Namibia News Digest – Namibia News Digest is a news site in the English language in Namibia that gives insights into Namibia and Africa.
  • ‎Namibia Focus – Namibia Focus reports on relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • 99FM – 99FM broadcasts Namibian daily news, entertainment news shows, and programs to the Namibians.
  • Kundana – Kundana is a regional newspaper in Namibia that gives updates on Namibian people’s daily lives.
  • Google News – Namibia – Google News is an international news source that has different countries’ news including Namibian news 24.

In fact, Namibian news sites are also active to provide news regularly including Namibia newspapers.

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