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A list of banks in Saudi Arabia includes all Islamic banks, commercial banks, private banks, local banks, domestic banks, foreign banks, and financial institutions.

Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with its oil business and other financial activities. The country is known as the origin of Islam which is known worldwide for its Islamic lifestyle & importance.

Here are all the banks in Saudi Arabia mentioned below with brief descriptions.

Central Bank Of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Central Bank  – The Saudi Central Bank is the main bank that was known before as the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority. The bank is owned fully by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the currency is Saudi Riyal. It has many categorial services like:

  • issuing national currency
  • managing commercial banks
  • operating financial institutions functions
  • ensuring the development of financial growth

Top Saudi Arabian Banks

The top banks in Saudi Arabia are given below with national and international lists.

Saudi National Bank

Saudi National Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Saudi Arabia that is founded in 1953 & based in Riyadh.

The Saudi British Bank (SABB)

The Saudi British Bank is a leading bank among Saudi Arabia banks that has had several branches in the country and globally since 1978.

Saudi Investment Bank

Saudi Investment Bank is a Riyadh-based national bank that has several sister companies American Express, Saudi Orix Leasing, and more.

Alinma Bank

Alinma Bank is a private bank that provides Shariah base retail, corporate banking, and investment services in Saudi Arabia.

Banque Saudi Fransi

Banque Saudi Fransi is a public bank among Saudi Arabian banks that offers services such as commercial banking, corporate banking, asset management, etc.

Riyad Bank

Riyad Bank is one of the widely known banks in Saudi Arabia that is owned 51% by the Saudi Government that is located in Riyadh.

Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi Bank is the largest Islamic bank in the world with over 600 branches globally that follows Shariah laws to serve the customers.

Arab National Bank

Arab National Bank is a top largest bank in the Middle East that has multiple branches in Saudi Arabia and was established in 1979.

Bank AlBilad

Bank AlBilad is an Islamic bank that delivers services such as retail banking, business products, investment products, etc since 1949.

Bank AlJazira

Bank AlJazira is a public bank that is located in Jeddah and has had a huge number of customers in the country starting in 1975.

Foreign Banks In Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, there are multiple foreign banks to serve customers worldwide.

  • Emirates NBD – Emirates NBD is a Dubai-based bank that is owned by the government of the country, also recognized as one of the largest banks in the Middle East.
  • Gulf International Bank – Gulf International Bank is a Bahrain-based commercial bank that serves international wholesale, universal banking, corporate Finance, etc.
  • National Bank of Bahrain – National Bank of Bahrain is a national bank that gives services in Baharian and internationally to customers.
  • National Bank of Kuwait – National Bank of Kuwait is the largest financial bank in Kuwait that has many branches in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.
  • Bank Muscat – Bank Muscat is a multinational financial bank in Oman that serves Riyad, Kuwait, and more.
  • Deutsche Bank – Deutsche Bank is a German-based multinational bank that is one of the largest commercial banks in the world.
  • BNP Paribas – BNP Paribas is a France-based international bank that has many global branches including the Middle East country Qatar.
  • J.P. Morgan Chase N.A – J.P. Morgan Chase N. A is a multinational bank that is based in America and has services like mortgage loans, mutual funds, private equity, etc.
  • National Bank of Pakistan – National Bank of Pakistan is a commercial bank that is owned by the Pakistani government based in Karachi.
  • T.C.ZIRAAT BANKASI A.S. – T.C.ZIRAAT BANKASI A.S. is a government-owned bank that offers consumer loans, commercial loans, and other services.
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China – Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is a majorly government-owned multinational bank that is also a global bank.
  • Qatar National Bank – Qatar National Bank is a multinational bank that is based in Doha, Qatar, and was founded in 1964.
  • MUFG Bank, Ltd. – MUFG Bank. Ltd. is a Tokyo-based multinational bank that provides personal banking, corporate banking, investment banking, etc.
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank – First Abu Dhabi Bank is one of the largest leading banks in the world based in Abu Dhabi serving customers since 2017.
  • Trade bank of Iraq – Trade Bank of Iraq is an Iraq-based state-owned bank that provides a range of financial services to customers since 2003.
  • Standard Chartered Bank – Standard Chartered Bank is a public bank that has numerous branches globally and most of the profit comes from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Credit Suisse – Credit Suisse is a Switzerland bank with services like investment and private banking, and asset management started in 1856.

Hence, the banks in Saudi Arabia show and observe the capital, assets, and growth in the economical sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which bank is best in Saudi Arabia?

There are many leading banks in Saudi Arabia, among the best, are Al-Rajhi Bank Saudi Arabia, Al Jazeera Bank, Al-Bilad Bank, etc.

2. What are the largest 3 banks in Saudi Arabia?

The largest banks in Saudi Arabia by assets are National Commercial Bank, Al Rajhi Bank, and Riyad Bank.

3. What is the main bank in Saudi Arabia?

The main bank in Saudi Arabia is National Commercial Bank.

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