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A list of Idaho newspapers that cover sports news, political news, entertainment news, USA news, business news, national news, and international news.

Idaho is a Northwest region state in the United States which is known for natural landscapes beauties, and vast wilderness.

About Idaho Newspapers

Idaho is home to a number of newspapers that serve the state’s diverse communities. These newspapers cover local news, politics, sports, and culture, and are an important source of information for Idahoans.

One of the most prominent newspapers in Idaho is The Idaho Statesman, based in Boise. Founded in 1864, it is the largest newspaper in the state and has won numerous awards for its reporting, including a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for its coverage of sexual harassment in the Idaho Statehouse. The Statesman covers a wide range of topics, including local news, sports, business, and politics.

Another major newspaper in Idaho is the Idaho Press-Tribune, which is based in Nampa. Founded in 1883, it serves the western Treasure Valley area and covers local news, sports, and events.

The Post Register is a daily newspaper based in Idaho Falls and serves eastern Idaho. It covers news, sports, and business in the region, and has won numerous awards for its reporting.

The Lewiston Tribune is a daily newspaper based in Lewiston that serves the Lewis-Clark Valley region of northern Idaho and eastern Washington. Founded in 1892, it covers local news, sports, and events, and has won multiple Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting.

Other notable newspapers in Idaho include the Coeur d’Alene Press, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, and the Twin Falls Times-News. These newspapers provide comprehensive coverage of local news, events, and culture in their respective regions.

In addition to traditional print newspapers, many of these newspapers also have robust online presences, providing up-to-date news and information to their readers. Overall, Idaho’s newspapers play an important role in keeping its citizens informed and engaged in their communities.

Top Idaho Newspapers

Here are the top Idaho newspapers in the English language given below.

Idaho Statesman

Idaho Statesman is one of the most read daily Idaho newspapers. The broadsheet formatted newspaper is distributed in Boise, Idaho.

Coeur d’Alene Press

Coeur d’Alene Press is a leading daily newspaper in the English language that publishes breaking news and current affairs.

Post Register

Post Register is a widely circulated daily newspaper that serves Idaho Falls, Jackson, Montana, and nearby since 1925.

Idaho Press

Idaho Press is one of the oldest continuous Idaho newspapers with its sister newspaper called Boise Weekly in Idaho, USA.

Idaho State Journal

Idaho State Journal is a widely circulated Idaho newspaper that covers Southeast Idaho and surrounding areas since 1890.

Bonner County Bee

Bonner County Bee is a broadsheet formatted daily newspaper that serves Bonner county and has won many national awards.

Shoshone News Press

Shoshone News Press is a familiar local newspaper in the English language that covers news in Shoshone County.


Times-News is a wide known USA daily newspaper along with its sister newspapers such as AG weekly and Southern Idaho business online.

‎Argus Observer

Argus Observer is a popular regional newspaper among Idaho newspapers that serves the Western Treasure Valley in the USA.

Boise Weekly

Boise Weekly is a renowned alternative weekly newspaper in Idaho that is mainly focused on art, independent news, and opinion.

Top United States newspapers:

Idaho News Online

Idaho news sites and news portals that give updates 24/7 on Idaho and America.

  • Idaho Business Review – Idaho Business Review is a business-related newspaper in Idaho, USA.
  • Idaho World – Idaho World reports on Idaho daily news, Idaho news now, & international news.
  • Bonners Ferry Herald – Bonners Ferry Herald serves Bonners Ferry with national and international news.
  • Kootenai Valley Times – Kootenai Valley Times is another Bonners Ferry-based newspaper in the English language.
  • Weekly Mailer – Weekly Mailer is a weekly newspaper that contains American daily news, USA news, & Idaho news now.
  • Challis Messenger – Challis Messenger covers news on health, education, business, and culture.
  • Cottonwood Chronicle – Cottonwood Chronicle provides American daily news, Boise news, Idaho news today, and US news.
  • Adams County Record – Adams County Record is a community newspaper among US newspapers for the Idaho people.
  • Teton Valley News – Teton Valley News is a city newspaper that is printed in Driggs, Idaho.
  • Messenger-Index – Messenger-Index contains political news, county news, sports news, and more updates.
  • Idaho County Free Press – Idaho County Free Press is a news portal covering recent news, breaking news, and current affairs.
  • Clearwater Progress – Clearwater Progress publishes national news, local news, European news, and world news.
  • Idaho Mountain Express – Idaho Mountain Express is distributed in Ketchum once a week in Idaho.
  • Kuna Melba News – Kuna Melba News is a news portal among Idaho newspapers for the Amerian natives.
  • Meridian Press – Meridian Press is an Idaho online newspaper that gives trending news and headlines.
  • News-Examiner – News-Examiner is the largest weekly newspaper that is founded in 1930.
  • Clearwater Tribune – Clearwater Tribune is an Orofino-based community newspaper that updated USA people regularly.
  • Window on the Clearwater – Window on the Clearwater is a city newspaper that is available in Orofino, Idaho.
  • Preston Citizen – Preston Citizen is a national newspaper in the English language for US people.
  • Rexburg Standard Journal – Rexburg Standard Journal is a local newspaper in Idaho, America.
  • Jefferson Star – Jefferson Star is a major newspaper among Idaho newspapers that publishes Boise news, Idaho daily news, and more.
  • Reader – Reader delivers relevant information, Boise news,  political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Sandpoint Online – Sandpoint Online is an online newspaper in Idaho that gives the latest news about Idaho.
  • Spokesman Review – Spokesman Review contains domestic news, county news, and world news.
  • Weiser Signal American – Weiser Signal American provides city news, Boise news, community news, and events.
  • The Bengal – The Bengal is a student-run newspaper by Idaho State University among US newspapers.
  • Pioneer Log – Pioneer Log is a student newspaper by Lewis & Clark College that publishes campus news regularly.
  • Arbiter – Arbiter is a student newspaper by Boise State University, Maine in the English language.
  • Newspaper Association of Idaho – Newspaper Association of Idaho mainly operates all the newspapers published in Idaho.
  • Idaho Press Club – Idaho Press Club is a news media that operates publishing daily Idaho news.

Hence, Idaho newspapers help us to easily observe Idaho’s current news and affairs.

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Q: What are some newspapers published in Idaho?

A: There are several newspapers published in Idaho, including:

  • Idaho Statesman
  • The Spokesman-Review
  • Idaho Press-Tribune
  • Post Register
  • Lewiston Tribune
  • Bonner County Daily Bee
  • Moscow-Pullman Daily News
  • Coeur d’Alene Press

Q: Are there any online-only newspapers in Idaho?

A: Yes, there are several online-only newspapers in Idaho, including:

  • Idaho News
  • BoiseDev
  • Idaho Business Review
  • Boise Weekly
  • East Idaho News

Q: How can I access Idaho newspapers online?

A: Many Idaho newspapers have websites where you can access their articles online. Some newspapers may require a subscription or a fee to access their content. You can also use online newspaper databases, such as Newspaper Archive or ProQuest, to access articles from a variety of Idaho newspapers.

Q: What kind of news do Idaho newspapers cover?

A: Idaho newspapers cover a wide range of news, including local and state news, national news, sports, business, entertainment, and more. Some newspapers may focus more on certain topics, such as politics or agriculture, depending on their audience and location.

Q: Are there any newspapers in Idaho that are published in languages other than English?

A: As far as I know, all newspapers published in Idaho are in English. However, some newspapers may have sections or articles in other languages, such as Spanish or French, to serve specific communities.

Q: How can I submit a news tip or story idea to an Idaho newspaper?

A: You can usually submit a news tip or story idea to an Idaho newspaper by email or through their website. Check the newspaper’s website for information on how to contact their newsroom or editorial staff. Some newspapers may also have a specific email address or form for submitting news tips or story ideas.

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