Colorado Newspapers List & Colorado Daily News

A list of Colorado newspapers in the USA that covers sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Colorado State is known for its rocky mountains, Colorado river, landscapes, and more in the United States.

About Colorado Newspapers

Colorado has a rich history of newspapers, dating back to the state’s early days as a territory in the mid-1800s. Today, there are dozens of newspapers throughout the state, serving communities both large and small.

One of the most well-known newspapers in Colorado is The Denver Post. Founded in 1892, it is the largest newspaper in the state and has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes for its investigative reporting and editorial writing. The paper covers news, sports, business, and entertainment, and also has a robust online presence.

Another prominent newspaper in Colorado is the Colorado Springs Gazette. Founded in 1872, it is the second-largest newspaper in the state and is known for its coverage of local news and events. The Gazette also has a strong focus on military news, given its proximity to several military installations in the area.

Other notable newspapers in Colorado include The Durango Herald, The Boulder Daily Camera, The Pueblo Chieftain, and The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. These newspapers, along with many others throughout the state, provide valuable coverage of local news, politics, and events, and help to keep Coloradans informed about what is happening in their communities.

In addition to traditional print newspapers, many news outlets in Colorado have also embraced digital media, offering online news websites and mobile apps. This has allowed for more immediate and widespread coverage of breaking news and events, as well as the ability to reach audiences beyond the physical boundaries of the state.

Overall, Colorado newspapers play a vital role in informing and engaging the state’s residents, and continue to adapt and evolve with changing technology and audience preferences.

Top Colorado Newspapers

Here are the top Colorado newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Daily News

Daily News is one of the most popular Colorado newspapers in the English language. The daily covers national news and international news since 1978.

Daily Camera

Daily Camera is a leading broadsheet formatted daily newspaper in Colorado. The newspaper is distributed in Boulder city since 1890.

Colorado Daily

Colorado Daily is the oldest free newspaper among Colorado newspapers. The daily has won several awards for its investigative journalism.


Record covers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in Colorado for the American natives regularly.


Gazette is a national newspaper in Colorado in the English language that has achieved a Pulitzer prize & founded in 1873.

Craig Press

Craig Press is a wide known regional newspaper among American daily newspapers that serves Craig city people.

Durango Herald

Durango Herald is an English-language newspaper that is located in Durango and has won numerous awards.


Coloradoan is a daily newspaper that gives coverage of the breaking news & community news in Fort Collins, Northern Colorado.

Fort Morgan Times

Fort Morgan Times is a well-known daily broadsheet formatted newspaper that is published in Fort Morgan, USA.

Summit Daily News

Summit Daily News is a daily newspaper among Colorado newspapers in Summit county with several sister newspapers in other regions.

Top United States newspapers:

Colorado Newspapers List

Colorado has many local and regional newspapers to serve the Colorado people in the US.

  • Sentinel – Sentinel is one of the largest Colorado newspapers that has won many prestigious awards.
  • Tribune – Tribune is a local newspaper that is based in Greeley and Weld county, Colorado.
  • Tribune-Democrat – Tribune-Democrat is a daily newspaper that covers news in La Junta, Colorado.
  • Times-Call – Times-Call is a popular daily newspaper with its sister newspaper owned by Prairie Mountain Publishing.
  • Reporter-Herald – Reporter-Herald is a daily newspaper that serves Berthoud, Colorado.
  • Montrose Press – Montrose Press is a city newspaper that serves the Montrose region in Colorado.
  • Vail Daily – Vail Daily is a free tabloid formatted daily newspaper in Eagle county, Colorado.
  • Valley Courier – Valley Courier is a city newspaper that covers daily news in Alamosa, Colorado.
  • Sentinel – Sentinel is a weekly tabloid formatted newspaper that covers news in Aurora, Colorado.
  • Fairplay Flume – Fairplay Flume is a community newspaper in the English language in the Bailey and Fairplay.
  • BizWest – BizWest is a monthly newspaper with its online newspaper among US newspapers.
  • Boulder Weekly – Boulder Weekly is an alternative tabloid formatted newspaper that publishes each Thursday.
  • Standard Blade – Standard Blade delivers regional news, community news, and events to the Colorado people.
  • Broomfield Enterprise – Broomfield Enterprise covers the current news and affairs of Colorado.
  • Brush News-Tribune – Brush News-Tribune is a weekly newspaper that features Brush, Morgan county.
  • Chaffee County Times – Chaffee County Times publishes Colorado news now, Colorado news today, and USA news.
  • Sopris Sun – Sopris Sun is a weekly newspaper among American newspapers that gives the latest news on the USA.
  • Castle Pines Connection – Castle Pines Connection is a local English-language newspaper that serves the Castle Pines region.
  • Post-Dispatch – Post-Dispatch is a nondaily Colorado newspaper for the American natives.
  • Business Journal – Business Journal is a regular business newspaper among Colorado newspapers.
  • Independent – Independent is an independent newspaper that features the current affairs of Colorado.
  • SouthSide Business – Southside Business provides news on business, finance, farm, and investment in the SouthSide.

American Daily News

Colorado news sites give coverage 24/7 of Colorado and American regular updates.

  • Westside Pioneer – Westside Pioneer reports on Colorado news online, Colorado news today, and international news.
  • Sentinel Express – Sentinel Express gives 24/7 coverage of Colorado and breaking news.
  • Four Corners Free Press – Four Corners Free Press is a news site in Colorado in the English language.
  • Journal – Journal expresses sports news, political news, entertainment news, & business news.
  • Mineral County Miner – Mineral County Miner expresses local news, world news, political issues, and more.
  • Crested Butte News – Crested Butte News is an online newspaper among American top newspapers.
  • Kiowa County Press – Kiowa County Press provides the USA Today news, Colorado breaking news, and events.
  • Gorizont – Gorizont delivers political news, farm news, business news, national news, and more updates.
  • Trail-Gazette – Trail-Gazette is a general newspaper among Colorado newspapers in the English language,
  • Canyon Courier – Canyon Courier is an English-language newspaper that is published once a week.
  • Haxtun-Fleming Herald – Haxtun-Fleming Herald provides daily news, county news, economical news, etc.
  • Conejos County Citizen – Conejos County Herald is Lajara based community newspaper for the Colorado native.
  • Lamar Ledger – Lamar Ledger delivers relevant information, political articles, and trending topics.
  • Leadville Herald Democrat – Leadville Herald Democrat is an English-language newspaper among US newspapers.
  • Monte Vista Journal – Monte Vista Journal delivers Colorado daily news, USA news, and American daily news.
  • High Country News – High Country News is an online news portal that covers Colorado news regularly.
  • Pagosa Springs Sun – Pagosa Spring Sun reports on country news, world news, and USA news.
  • Mountain Mail – Mountain Mail publishes domestic news, regional news, city news, and American news.
  • Met Media – Met Media is a student-run newspaper by the Metropolitan State University, Colorado.
  • Mirror – Mirror is a student newspaper that covers campus news, and events at the University of Northern Colorado.
  • Rocky Mountain Collegian – Rocky Mountain Collegian is another general student newspaper by Colorado State University.
  • Colorado Press Association – Colorado Press Association is an Association that controls all the newspapers published in Colorado.
  • North Forty News – North Forty News is a common newspaper that covers Fort Collins, Wellington Colorado.

However, Colorado newspapers try to keep updated Colorado natives with the current affairs happening globally.

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What are some major newspapers in Colorado?

Some of the major newspapers in Colorado include The Denver Post, The Gazette (Colorado Springs), The Daily Camera (Boulder), The Pueblo Chieftain, and The Durango Herald.

Can I read Colorado newspapers online?

Yes, most Colorado newspapers have online editions that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. Some newspapers may require a subscription to access certain articles or features.

How often are Colorado newspapers published?

Most Colorado newspapers are published daily, although some smaller newspapers may be published on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Are there any newspapers in Colorado that are published in languages other than English?

Yes, there are some newspapers in Colorado that are published in languages other than English. For example, the Colorado Statesman is a weekly newspaper that covers Colorado politics and is published in both English and Spanish.

Are there any free newspapers in Colorado?

Yes, there are some free newspapers in Colorado. For example, Westword is a free weekly newspaper that covers news and entertainment in the Denver area.

How can I submit a letter to the editor of a Colorado newspaper?

Most Colorado newspapers have guidelines on their websites for submitting letters to the editor. Typically, you can submit a letter via email or an online form provided by the newspaper.

Can I submit a news tip to a Colorado newspaper?

Yes, most Colorado newspapers have ways to submit news tips. This may involve contacting a specific reporter or editor directly or submitting a tip via an online form or email.

How can I access archives of old articles from Colorado newspapers?

Most Colorado newspapers have archives of old articles that you can access online. Some newspapers may require a subscription to access the archives, while others may make them available for free.

Are there any newspapers in Colorado that focus specifically on certain regions or communities within the state?

Yes, there are several newspapers in Colorado that focus on specific regions or communities within the state. For example, The Summit Daily News covers news and events in Summit County, while The Coloradoan covers news in the Fort Collins area.

Can I subscribe to multiple Colorado newspapers at once?

Yes, many newspapers in Colorado offer subscription bundles that allow you to subscribe to multiple newspapers at once. You may also be able to find subscription packages through third-party providers or newspaper associations.

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