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A list of Maine newspapers that cover sports news, political news, USA news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Maine is the largest New England state in the United States and is known for fishery and wild blueberries.

About Maine Newspapers

Maine is home to several newspapers that serve the state’s diverse population. These newspapers cover a range of topics, including local news, politics, sports, entertainment, and business. Here are some of the most prominent newspapers in Maine:

  1. Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram: The Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram are the largest newspapers in Maine, serving southern Maine with news, opinion, sports, and entertainment coverage. The newspapers have won numerous awards for their investigative journalism and community coverage.
  2. Bangor Daily News: The Bangor Daily News is the largest newspaper in eastern and northern Maine. It covers local news, sports, politics, and culture, and has a strong digital presence.
  3. Lewiston Sun Journal: The Lewiston Sun Journal is the second-largest daily newspaper in Maine, serving the central and western regions of the state. It covers local news, sports, politics, and business, and has won awards for its investigative journalism.
  4. The Ellsworth American: The Ellsworth American is a weekly newspaper serving the Downeast region of Maine. It covers local news, sports, and community events, and has been in operation for over 150 years.
  5. The Coastal Journal: The Coastal Journal is a weekly newspaper serving the midcoast region of Maine. It covers local news, sports, and events, and has a focus on environmental issues and sustainability.
  6. The Mount Desert Islander: The Mount Desert Islander is a weekly newspaper serving the communities on Mount Desert Island and the surrounding area. It covers local news, sports, and events, and has a strong focus on outdoor recreation and tourism.

These newspapers are an important source of information and community engagement for Maine residents. Whether in print or online, they provide valuable coverage of the issues and events that matter most to Mainers.

Top Maine Newspapers

Here are the top Maine newspapers in the English language given below.

Kennebec Journal

Kennebec Journal is one of the most read daily Maine newspapers. The broadsheet formatted newspaper provides news in the English language since 1825.

Bangor Daily News

Bangor Daily News is a leading independent newspaper among Maine newspapers. The English language daily started its journey in 1889.

Times Record

Times Record is an independent newspaper that covers daily news in Brunswick & the Mid Cost region in Maine, USA.


Sun- Journal is a major newspaper among Maine newspapers that has sister newspapers such as Rangeley, Old Towns, & Livermore Falls.

Portland Press Herald

Portland Press Herald is one of the largest Maine newspapers that has achieved several national awards. It has also a strong online appearance for readers.

Twin City Times

Twin City Times is a weekly newspaper that covers daily news of Androscoggin county and nearby areas in Maine, USA.

Maine Edge

Maine Edge is a free tabloid formatted newspaper that is distributed weekly to the Maine people mainly focused on arts and literature news.

Mount Desert Islander

Mount Desert Islander is a weekly newspaper in the English language that is distributed in the Hancock county region, USA.

Republican Journal

Republican Journal is a well-known local newspaper among American daily newspapers that is based in the Belfast region in Maine.

Bethel Citizen

Bethel Citizen is a Bethel-based local newspaper in the English language that features national news and international news.

Top United States newspapers:

Maine Daily News

Maine news sites try to give updates 24/7 with the headlines and trending news to the Maine people.

  • Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier – Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier delivers news on health, education, business, and culture.
  • Weekly Packet – Weekly Packet is a broadsheet formatted weekly newspaper founded in 1960.
  • Boothbay Register – – Boothbay Register is a weekly newspaper that covers Boothnews in Maine.
  • Camden Herald –  Camden Herald is a regional newspaper that is printed in the Camden region.
  • Aroostook Republican – Aroostook Republican is a city newspaper that delivers news in Caribou, Maine.
  • Castine Patriot – Castine Patriot is a community newspaper that is distributed once a week in Castine, US.
  • Eastern Gazette – Eastern Gazette is another known community newspaper providing the latest news and events updates.
  • Ellsworth American – Ellsworth American is a city newspaper that features Ellsworth’s daily news.
  • Forecaster – Forecaster serves Southern Maine regularly with the breaking news and current affairs of the USA.
  • Livermore Falls Advertiser – Livermore Falls Advertiser is a regional newspaper that is published every Wednesday in Livermore Falls.
  • Franklin Journal – Franklin Journal reports current news, Maine facts, daily USA news, and international news.
  • York County Coast Star – York County Coast Star is a weekly newspaper along with its several sister newspapers in Maine.
  • Irregular – Irregular delivers relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.
  • Machias Valley News Observer – Machias Valley News Observer is a Machias located regional newspaper in the English language.
  • ‎Three Rivers News – Three Rivers News delivers sports news, farm news, health, and technology news.
  • Lincoln News‎ – Lincoln News is printed out each Wednesday to preach Maine news now, Maine news today, and USA daily news.
  • Rolling Thunder Express – Rolling Thunder Express is a common newspaper to the people of Newport, Maine.
  • Advertiser Democrat – Advertiser Democrat is one of the oldest Maine newspapers that is published once a week.
  • Penobscot Times – Penobscot Times is distributed in Old Town in Maine for national and international readers.
  • Mainebiz – Mainebiz serves in Portland, Maine with daily American news, Maine news now, and Maine news today.
  • Free Press – Free Press is an online Maine news media that gives updated news to the Maine people.
  • Rumford Falls Times – Rumford Falls Times is a familiar newspaper that provides cultural news, political news, and the latest news.
  • Compass Classifieds – Compass Classifieds is a city newspaper in Maine in the English language.
  • Island Ad-Vantages – Island Ad-Vantages is published every Thursday with city news, American news, and world news.
  • Reporter –  Reporter is a family-owned weekly newspaper along with its multiple sister newspapers in Maine, US.
  • Windham Eagle‎ – Windham Eagle is an English-language Windham-based newspaper for the American natives.
  • Bates Student – Bates Student is a weekly student-run newspaper by Bates College in Lewiston.
  • Bowdoin Orient – Bowdoin Orient is a student-run newspaper among US newspapers of Bowdoin College, Brunswick.
  • The Colby Echo‎ – Another student newspaper by Colby college in the English language is The Colby Echo.
  • Maine Press Association – Maine Press Association operates all the newspapers published in Maine for American natives.

However, Maine newspapers are a great part of the daily lives of American natives.

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Q: What are some major newspapers in Maine?

A: Some major newspapers in Maine include the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, the Bangor Daily News, and the Lewiston Sun Journal. Other notable newspapers in the state include the Kennebec Journal, the Morning Sentinel, and the Ellsworth American.

Q: Do Maine newspapers cover national and international news or just local news?

A: Most Maine newspapers cover a mix of local, national, and international news. While they may have a greater focus on news and events within the state, they also report on significant developments from other parts of the country and the world.

Q: Can I read Maine newspapers online?

A: Yes, many Maine newspapers have online editions that can be accessed through their websites. Some may require a subscription or payment to access certain articles or features.

Q: Are there any free newspapers in Maine?

A: Yes, there are some free newspapers in Maine, such as the Forecaster and the Current. These publications are often distributed in local communities and focus on news and events in those areas.

Q: How often are Maine newspapers published?

A: The frequency of publication varies among Maine newspapers. Some, like the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, are published daily, while others may be published weekly or less frequently.

Q: Can I submit a letter to the editor or an op-ed to a Maine newspaper?

A: Yes, many Maine newspapers accept submissions for letters to the editor or op-eds. Guidelines for submission can usually be found on the newspaper’s website or by contacting their editorial department.

Q: Are Maine newspapers biased towards a particular political party?

A: While some Maine newspapers may have a particular political lean, many strive to maintain impartiality in their reporting. It’s important to consume news from a variety of sources to gain a well-rounded understanding of current events.

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