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A list of Nebraska newspapers that contain USA news, sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Nebraska is a midwestern state in the United States which is known as an agricultural state, with vast landscapes, and beautiful attractions.

About Nebraska Newspapers

Nebraska has a rich tradition of newspapers that dates back to the mid-19th century. The state’s first newspaper, the Nebraska Palladium, was established in 1854, just three years after Nebraska was organized as a territory. Since then, Nebraska has been home to a wide variety of newspapers, from small-town weeklies to larger dailies that serve entire regions.

One of the oldest and most respected newspapers in the state is the Omaha World-Herald. Founded in 1885, it is the largest newspaper in Nebraska and covers news from across the state and beyond. The World-Herald has won numerous awards for its journalism and has been recognized for its coverage of issues such as agriculture, politics, and sports.

Another prominent newspaper in the state is the Lincoln Journal Star, which has been in circulation since 1902. The Journal Star is known for its coverage of local news and sports, as well as for its editorial and opinion pages, which offer a range of perspectives on issues affecting the state.

Other newspapers in Nebraska include the Grand Island Independent, the Kearney Hub, and the Scottsbluff Star-Herald, among many others. Many of these newspapers have been family-owned and operated for generations, providing a unique perspective on the communities they serve.

In recent years, many Nebraska newspapers have faced challenges as readers increasingly turn to online news sources. However, many of these newspapers have adapted to the changing media landscape by expanding their online presence and offering digital subscriptions. Despite these challenges, Nebraska newspapers continue to play an important role in providing information and insight to their readers, and they remain an essential part of the state’s cultural and social fabric.

Top Nebraska Newspapers

Here are the top Nebraska newspapers in the English language mentioned below.

Alliance Times-Herald

Alliance times-Herald is the only community newspaper among Nebraska newspapers that serves Alliance, the USA since 1887.

Daily Sun

Daily Sun is a Beatrice-based city newspaper that distributes Nebraska news to the USA people regularly.

Fremont Tribune

Fremont Tribune is an English-language daily among Nebraska newspapers that has received a Pulitzer prize in editorial writing.

Hastings Tribune

Hastings Tribune is an independent broadsheet formatted newspaper among top American newspapers that is distributed in Hastings.

Kearney Hub

Kearney Hub is one of the major Nebraska newspapers in the English language that is available in Kearney, USA.

Journal Star

Journal Star is one of the most read Nebraska newspapers that has achieved many national and international awards in America.

Daily News

Daily News is a leading broadsheet formatted daily newspaper among American daily newspapers that is distributed in Norfolk, Nebraska.


Telegraph covers news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle in Nebraska to the American natives regularly.

Daily Record

Daily Record features relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions with the Nebraska people.


World-Herald is one of the most circulated Nebraska newspapers that publishes national news and international news.

Top United States newspapers:

Nebraskan Newspapers List

There are many local and regional newspapers in Nebraska that serve the American people.

  • Star-Herald – Star-Herald is a daily newspaper that is distributed in Scottsbluff city since 1912.
  • Sun-Telegraph – Sun-Telegraph is a daily local newspaper that is based in Sydney, Nebraska.
  • News-Times – News-Times gives updates on political articles, and trending topics to the Nebraskan people.
  • Star-Journal – Star-Journal features the latest news, current affairs, and issues in the USA.
  • Albion News – Albion News is an independent online newspaper among American top newspapers.
  • Gazette – Gazette presents Nebraska new today, Nebraska online news, national news, and international news.
  • Nemaha County Herald – Nemaha County Herald distributes Nebreskan by what happened today in Nebraska.
  • News-Register – News-Register is a news channel in Nebraska, the USA in the English language.
  • Bellevue Leader –  Bellevue Leader reports on Omaha news, central Nebraska news, and Western Nebraska news.
  • Enterprise and Pilot Tribune – Enterprise and Pilot Tribune has also an online newspaper for global readers.
  • Custer County Chief – Custer County Chief is a national newspaper that circulates in Broken Bow.
  • Tri-City Tribune  – Tri-City Tribune updated the nation by presenting what happened today in Nebreska.
  • Doniphan Herald – Doniphan Herald is a regional newspaper that is circulated in Doniphan.
  • Douglas County Post-Gazette – Douglas County Post-Gazette is a city newspaper based in Elkhorn.
  • Journal-News – Journal-News provides Nebraska online news, Nebraskan news live, and world news.
  • Buenos Dias Nebraska – Buenos Dias Nebraska features country, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Tribune-Sentinel – Tribune-Sentinel is a community news portal that casts American news and USA news.
  • Nebraska Signal – Nebraska Signal is a general newspaper that is located in Geneva, Nebraska.
  • Gibbon Reporter – Gibbon Reporter is an English-language news channel in Nebraska, USA.
  • Gothenburg Times – Gothenburg Times publishes city news, community news, and American current news.
  • Cedar County News – Cedar County News expresses Omaha news, central Nebraska news, and Western Nebraska news.
  • Hartington Shopper – Hartington Shopper is an American daily serving USA people globally.
  • Osmond Republican – Osmond Republican is a nondaily news channel in Nebraska, America.
  • Journal-Register – Journal-Register provides European news, American daily news, and Nebraskan recent news.
  • Hickman Voice News – Hickman Voice News highlights Omaha news, central Nebraska news, and Western Nebraska news.
  • Imperial Republican – Imperial Republican is a nondaily regional newspaper based in Chase county.

Nebraskan Daily News

Nebraska news media serves the Nebraskan community with the latest up-to-date affairs.

  • Antelope – Antelope is a top weekly along with its sister newspaper named Knox County News.
  • Western Nebraska Observer – Western Nebraska Observer publishes news on health, technology, farm, business, and local sports.
  • Lexington Clipper-Herald – Lexington Clipper-Herald publishes regional news, community news, and updates.
  • News-Press – News-Press delivers Nebraskan daily news, Nebraska online news, and county news.
  • View Point – View Point contains community news, fair news, social news, and youth news.
  • North Bend Eagle – North Bend Eagle casts American daily news and Nebraskan local news to the USA people.
  • Bulletin – Bulletin posts about USA daily news, Nebraska news now, and Nebraska news today.
  • Omaha Star – Omaha Star is a community newspaper for African-American people in Nebraska.
  • Garden County News – Garden County News provides breaking news of Nebraska, European news, American daily news,
  • Pawnee Republican – Pawnee Republican delivers business news, farm news, and local events.
  • Ravenna News – Ravenna News casts city news, cultural news, entertainment shows, and programs.
  • Business Farmer – Business Farmer covers news on business, finance, investment, and more.
  • Seward County Independent – Seward County Independent is an independent newspaper among the US newspapers.
  • Clay County News – Clay County News is an online news site in the English language for Nebraskan people.
  • ‎Journal-Democrat – Journal-Democrat covers the latest news, current news, and headlines of America.
  • Chieftain – Chieftain gives coverage 24/7 of Nebraska, legal notice, and relevant information daily.
  • Midwest Messenger – Midwest Messenger is a Nebraskan news portal that updates the community regularly.
  • Wahoo Newspaper – Wahoo Newspaper is also available online for readers around the world.
  • Wauneta Breeze – Wauneta Breeze is an English-language local newspaper available in Wauneta.
  • Wayne News – Wayne News is a Nebraska news media in the English language for Nebraska people.
  • Daily Nebraskan – Daily Nebraskan is a student-run newspaper by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Eagle – Eagle delivers campus news, events, and activities to Chadron State College, Nebraska.
  • Creightonian – Creightonian is a student-operated newspaper of Creighton University, Nebraska.
  • Doaneline – Doaneline is an English language student newspaper of Doaneline University, America.
  • Nebraska Press Association – Nebraska Press Association is an association that represents all the newspapers published in Nebraska.

Hence, Nebraska newspapers are an unavoidable media for the American people.

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Q: What are Nebraska Newspapers?

A: Nebraska Newspapers are print and digital publications that provide news, opinions, and feature stories about events and issues happening in the state of Nebraska.

Q: What are some of the most popular Nebraska daily newspapers?

A: Some of the most popular Nebraska Newspapers include the Omaha World-Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, Grand Island Independent, and the Kearney Hub.

Q: How can I access Nebraska historical newspapers?

A: You can access Nebraska Newspapers in several ways, including by subscribing to the print edition, accessing the digital version online, or through mobile applications.

Q: Are Nebraska Newspapers only available in English?

A: Most Nebraska Newspapers are primarily published in English, but some may offer content in other languages, such as Spanish, depending on the target audience.

Q: What types of news can I expect to find in Nebraska Newspapers?

A: Nebraska Newspapers cover a range of topics, including local and regional news, state politics, crime, weather, sports, entertainment, and human interest stories.

Q: Can I submit a news tip or story idea to a Nebraska Newspaper?

A: Yes, most Nebraska Newspapers have contact information for their newsrooms, and you can submit a news tip or story idea to them.

Q: How can I advertise in Nebraska Newspapers?

A: Most Nebraska Newspapers offer advertising opportunities, and you can contact their advertising departments to discuss rates and options.

Q: Are there any online-only Nebraska Newspapers?

A: Yes, there are some online-only Nebraska Newspapers, such as Nebraska City News-Press and Scottsbluff Star-Herald.

Q: Do Nebraska Newspapers have a bias?

A: Each newspaper has its own editorial policies and perspectives but must strive to maintain a neutral and unbiased stance in its reporting.

Q: Can I access archives of older issues of Nebraska Newspapers?

A: Yes, many Nebraska Newspapers maintain archives of past issues, and some may offer access to them online or through a library or archive.

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