Jamaican Newspapers List & Jamaica Online News

A list of Jamaican newspapers that contain sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, daily news, national news, and international news.

Jamaica is one of the slowest growing developing Caribbean countries in the world. The country is known for its famous personalities, beautiful beaches, and waterfalls.

Top Jamaican Newspapers

Here are the top Jamaican newspapers in the English language given below.

Jamaica Observer

Jamaica Observer is one of the oldest national newspapers among Jamaican newspapers. The English language newspaper started as a weekly newspaper and later turned into a daily.

Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica Gleaner is the oldest continuous newspaper among Jamaica newspapers. The daily newspaper is considered a newspaper of record in Jamaica.

Jamaica Star

Jamaica Star is a leading daily newspaper in the English language in Jamaica. The national newspaper provides all the latest news and current affairs happening in the country.

McKoy’s News

McKoy’s News is one of the influential Jamaican newspapers in the English language that publishes news on health, education, business, culture, and lifestyle.

RJR News

RJR News is an online news provider in Jamaica that casts news, different programs, cultural programs, shows, and events to the Jamaican people.

Jamaica Information Service (JIS)

Jamaica Information Service is the official news site in Jamaica owned by the Government. The English language news agency gives updates about all programs, projects, services, and more to the Jamaican people.

KLAS Sports

KLAS Sports is a sports newspaper among Jamaica newspapers in the English language. The newspaper publishes country sports, league updates, international sports news, and much more current news.

Falmouth News

Falmouth News is an online news site in Jamaica that covers Jamaican health news, travel news, politics, and crime news for the nation in the English language.

Read more Caribbean newspapers:

Jamaica News Today

Jamaican news sites and news portals are also giving updates on Caribbean and Jamaican insights.

  • Western Mirror – With the tag of reflecting People’s news and views, Western Mirror is a Jamaican news site that provides Jamaican local news, national news, sports news, and entertainment news.
  • Jamaica Inquirer – Jamaica Inquirer is an online newspaper in the English language that publishes Caribbean news, local news, Jamaica travel news, business news, world news, and trending news.
  • Go Jamaica – Go Jamaica is a community newspaper that features daily Jamaican news, community news, regional news, and tourism updates, also has a radio station.
  • Loop Jamaica – Loop America delivers news on business, world, entertainment, sports, Caribbean news, lifestyle, and more updates to the Jamaican people regularly.
  • Jamaicans – Jamaicans is an online news portal that promotes Jamaican cultures, cuisine, travel, cultural heritages, and more globally.
  • Jamaican Observer – Jamaican Observer is an entertainment-focused news portal that covers cultural news, events, and community updates to the Jamaican people.
  • Sun City Radio – Sun City Radio is a radio channel in Jamaica that broadcasts regional news, country news, Jamaican shows, events, and programs regularly.
  • IRIE TIMES – IRIE TIMES is a Jamaican magazine that reports on cultural news,Caribbean news,  events, lifestyle, and entertainment updates in the English language.

Hence, Jamaican newspapers are an essential part of the day-to-day lives of Jamaican people.

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