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A list of Montenegro newspapers that contain sports news, national news, business news, political news, cultural news, and international news.

Montenegro is one of the most developing European countries in the world. The country is known for its friendly service, historic sites, and natural beauty.

Montenegro Newspapers Online

Here are the leading Montenegro newspapers in the English and Montenegro languages given below.


Dan is one of the most read Montenegro newspapers in the Servian language. The Berliner daily newspaper has a weekly news magazine named Revija D.


Pobjeda is one of the oldest Montenegro newspapers in the Montenegrin language. The daily newspaper has several weekly magazines such as Objecktiv and Arena.


Analitika is one of the most popular Montenegro news sites in the Montenegro language. It covers daily Montenegro news, national news, and international news for the nation.


Vijesti is one of the most circulated Montenegro newspaper in the Montenegro language. The daily has also a tv channel that casts country news, world news, sports news, and educational news.


BIT is a national magazine that features science, technology, and communication news. The Montenegrin language newspaper is distributed once a month.


MINA is a national news agency in Montenegro that reports regional news, international news, political updates, relevants information to the Montenegro people.

Cafe del Montenegro

Cafe del Montenegro is a leading news site that publishes news on health, politics, sports, technology, European news, and lifestyle in the English and Montenegro languages.


RTCG is a radio channel in Montenegro that broadcasts live news, current news, European news,  cultural news and events regularly in the Montenegro language.

Radio Antena M

Radio Antena M is a well known radio station in Montenegro that casts different programs, entertainment shows, and the latest news of the world.


Barinfo serves Montenegro people with 24/7 latest news of Montenegro, local news, political news, community news, and events in the Montenegro language.

PC Nen

PC Nen is a common news portal in the Montenegro language that delivers news on art, culture, lifestyle, city news and community programs.

Pljevaljske Novine‎

Pljevaljske Novine is a Montenegro news site that contains mainly political news, sports news, rural news in Montenegro.

In addition, Montenegro news sites also serve the nation up to date along with Montenegro newspapers.

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