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A list of European newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Europe is the smallest second continent that is situated in between Africa and Asia in the world. It has 50 countries which are rich in agriculture and industrial sector and has many top tourist spots.

European Newspapers List

All the countries’ newspapers of the Europe continent are mentioned below.

European News Sites

Here are the most popular European newspapers online for readers around the world.

New Europe

New Europe is a leading newspaper that is distributed weekly that is focused on EU news, Eu relations, political news, economical news, and international news.

Euro Weekly News

Euro Weekly News is an English language weekly newspaper that is free serves Europeans with latest new on local, regional, community, and European regions.


Politico is a prominent newspaper among European newspaper that is mainly based in politics & featuring relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussions.

EU Observer

EU Observer is an English language news media that covers European news, European news today, European news now, national news, and world news regularly.

European Union Times

European Union Times is a popular newspaper among European newspapers that casts European news updates, world news, and cultural news.


EuroActiv is an online news portal that expresses the latest news and breaking news of European countries and regions in the English language daily.

EU business

EU business is a business newspaper in the English language that features news on business, economics, finance, investments, banking, and Eu economics.

Eurasia Review

Eurasia Review is a well known newspaper that contains Asian news, Euroepan news updates,  Europe Asian relation updates for global people.

However, European newspapers and news sites represent the European news updates and EU relations news.

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