African Newspapers Online (Africa News)

A list of African newspapers contains sports news, political news, entertainment news, business news, national news, and international news.

Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent in the world. It is listed with so many biggest things with the biggest desert, the Sahara Desert, and the longest river, the Nile river. Most of the diamonds and cocoa beans are from African countries.

 African Newspapers List

All the countries’ newspapers of the African continent are mentioned below.

African News Sites

Here are the most popular African newspapers online for readers around the world.

East African

East African is one of the most popular African newspapers that mainly focused on news on business, economics, finance, investments, banking, and growth.

Africa Confidential

Africa Confidential is a widely circulated African newspaper that publishes political news, economical news, state news, and security news.


AFRIK-NEWS is a leading daily newspaper that provides East Africa news, Africa news 24, country news, and international news in the English language.

North Africa Journal

North Africa Journal covers North African news, updates, facts, and affairs of North African regions that is based in Massachusetts, USA.

Africa Investor (Ai)

Africa Investor is a prime daily among African newspapers that provides economic development plans, growths, and analyses to Africans. is a global news portal that broadcasts African countries’ daily news, East African news, events, and updates to Africans.

Panafrican News Agency (PANAPRESS)

Panafrican News Agency is a news agency that is located in Dakar delivering news on health, education, business, & culture.

Africa Media Online

Africa Media Online is an online newspaper among African newspapers that reports on relevant information, political articles, trending topics, and discussion.

Africa Business

Africa Business is an English-language well-known newspaper that is business based covering investment and economical development updates.

Africa Business Communities

After Business Communities is a community daily that features financial and economical facts, African news 24, information, news, and events.

Moreover, African newspapers and news sites represent the progression of African countries and economical situations.

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